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Jack Johnson Ministries (JJM) Inc.

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About Rev. Jack Johnson

I am a registered Evangelist credentialed in the Church of the Nazarene. I have been a full time pastor for over 21 years and an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene for seventeen years.

Please give me the opportunity to share this ministry with your church and community through camp meetings, open air crusades, revivals, or pulpit supply.

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Minute Devotions

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Preaching Schedule

      • Now taking bookings for 2024 / 2025
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Rev. Jack R. Johnson Jr.

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12210 Basil Road NW,

Baltimore, Ohio 43105

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Jack Johnson Ministries plays a vital role in the Church spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, enhancing the ministry of local churches, and furthering the transformation of Christians into sanctified Christians who believe in heart holiness. To achieve their mission effectively, these ministries often rely on donations and support from individuals and organizations who share in the mission and values of JJM.

One of the benefits of Jack Johnson Ministries obtaining a 501(c)(3) status by the IRS is that all donations made to (JJM) can be claimed as tax deductions for contributions

Please Donate To Jack Johnson Ministries by scanning QR Code below.

All Donations provides support to this ministry to actively equip the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to countries and churches that may not have the resources to host revivals in their community. Be a part of this ministry that will sweep across our lands locally and globally.